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Okay, for all the people who have already seen these pictures I apologize but I figure I should post something in my own community. Anyway, I went to see Travis perform on Sunday and got my pictures today. Unfortunately, I didn't get to meet Neil after the show. If I had only known I would've tried to take pictures of him on stage. Needless to say, the show kicked ass. So here are some pics from that night. I got a lot of Andy cos I was on his side of the stage.

Here's Andy trying to climb on the speaker behind me. Look at his determination!

Our Andy succeeds in conquering the speaker.

Here's Fran outside. Like I said, he didn't want to open his eyes to the flash of the camera cos he was way too tired.

Here's where I took a pic of Dougie. I didn't think he was aware of it but right when I clicked the button he gives this super smile. He's unbelievably charming!
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