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Guess what I own now? And I didn't even have to pay for it.

Okay I just went to claim_a_rocker and claimed yours truly: Neil Primrose. I see that some of you members have already claimed a few Travis members. I wonder if Travis knows they're owned by a bunch of girls?
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oh gosh! haha i totally forgot i joined that community.

i am so proud i own fran.

ps hi :o
Ello proud owner of Fran!

Hm... maybe we should all get together one day and meet Travis and tell them that we own them... Or maybe we would get our arses kicked by their wives. =P

Anyway, thanks for joining and because of the fact that you joined: You rock!
silly girl, claiming rockers and all. ::is giggly::

i would totally do that if i could decide on just one rocker...
That's the hard part I suppose although I knew who I wanted straight away. You should check the claims list maybe that can help you narrow down the list.